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How to Install Home Security Cameras Defender

While a connected home security system should be installed by a professional, installing wireless security cameras is straightforward. Some devices are designed to be DIY and consumer-friendly, requiring no more than a screwdriver and a drill. Setting up an indoor camera might be as simple as finding a level place near a spare socket. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and sync it with the camera’s mobile app using your phone or computer. All cameras should be mounted high up, whether indoors or outdoors, so they can’t be readily taken or covered by an attacker, according to Frankel. Using the provided mounting hardware, attach the camera to the wall or ceiling.

Two-sided tape is frequently used for this, which is a good idea if you want to transfer it at some point. A magnetic base or attachment is seen on some cameras. However, if you know where you want it to be permanently fixed, you can use screws to fasten it. Look for a place near an outside outlet for an outdoor security camera that needs to be plugged in; most security cameras come with extra long wires for this purpose.

Consider installing a locking mechanism on the outlet to prevent an intruder from unplugging it, as some outdoor cameras do, and nailing the cable to the wall to tidy it up as much as possible. It’s safer to run your outdoor camera’s power line through a wall to an interior outlet, albeit this will necessitate wall drilling. For more information on where to install your cameras, see our page or contact us right now to know more! 

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